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On the lips, tongue, corners of provera pills, in other areas, itching, tingling sensations appear, then redness of the skin and mucous membranes appears.

With the primary infection with the herpes simplex virus, the symptoms are more pronounced. The period after contact with a sick person is usually from one to eight days, after which chills, headaches, malaise are noted, the temperature in some cases reaches 39-40 ° C. Redness, then a rash appears on the surface of the lips, tongue, it is unlikely in the sky, tonsils and arches. Lymph nodes in the submandibular areas may increase.

All stages and symptoms of virus reproduction in herpes simplex can be repeated many times, and the vesicles can merge into one larger one. In this case, the area of the rash becomes edematous. In children with significantly reduced immunity, the virus can also damage internal organs. On average, the duration of the disease is seven to ten days, but in the presence of a bacterial infection it is prolonged.

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The resulting relapses in herpes simplex occur with similar symptoms, but in a milder form. The frequency of occurrence of the disease is different. from once in several years, to buy medroxyprogesterone or four times in one month. Herpes simplex virus without the development of external symptoms is not contagious.

The herpes simplex virus in the mouth, called herpetic stomatitis, has other symptoms. A specific rash appears on the inner surface of the lips, cheeks, gums, and palate. Within an hour or two, superficial sores open and appear. The next day, a whitish coating appears on their surface. In the oral cavity, one of the symptoms of the development of herpes simplex against the background of rashes is soreness and increased production of saliva.

When the foci of inflammation are infected, the symptoms of herpes simplex after the vesicles dry out are aggravated by the appearance of large crusts with a layered brown structure. The treatment process with this course of the disease is delayed, if symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks, scarring is possible. Sometimes an edematous form can develop, in which at the site of the introduction of the herpes simplex virus (more often on the lips, eyelids, genitals), a pronounced edema occurs against the background of normal symptoms. This form, with frequent relapses, creates a state of persistent swelling of the lesions.

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The combination of manifestations of the disease in different parts of the body often occurs with a pronounced decrease in immunity. In women, the symptoms of a recurrence of herpes simplex are often combined with the menstrual cycle. Frequent recurrences of genital herpes simplex can cause difficulties in maintaining a normal sexual life with the onset of symptoms of neuropsychiatric disorders.

    In the typical development of herpes simplex, 4 stages can be distinguished, which correspond to local symptoms of the disease.and I.

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    The penetration of the herpes simplex virus can occur at the site of damage in skin diseases. pemphigus, ichthyosis, with thermal burns of the skin. In this case, the main symptom is extensive skin erosion, and with the addition of a secondary infection, abscesses. Symptoms of the erosive-ulcerative form of herpes simplex are characterized by the appearance of long-term non-healing ulcers that do not have seals after opening the vesicles with typical polycyclic outlines. Pronounced pain sensations are noted.

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